Dr Gurs Sehmi: Redesigning your smile

“I am an experienced cosmetic dentist, with a special interest in Adult Orthodontics, and Dental Implant treatments. I am highly skilled within my areas of special interest, and subsequently I am a proud mentor to my peers, providing training lectures and workshops.”

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect smile, but with todays advances in cosmetic dentistry, any smile can be transformed into a magazine quality smile!

After learning from the worlds top cosmetic dentists, all of my patients benefit from having amazing looking, long lasting and healthy smiles.

These days all our treatment is ‘minimal preparation,’ meaning that if you choose to have veneers, braces, implants, or any combination, we will always find the way to have minimal tooth adjustment to get the ideal results you are looking for.

About me
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Smile Design

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Let me help you to design your ideal smile

Teeth Straightening and Orthodontics

Invisible Braces, Teeth Straightening Treatment, Dr Gurs Semi Cosmetic Dentist London

Invisible Braces

Braces can be fitted to the inside surface of your teeth, making them completely invisible.


Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are fully tooth coloured, and fixed to the outside surface of the teeth.


Lingual Braces

Custom made to fit your teeth, this brace is as individual as your fingerprint.

Dental Implants

Single Front Denture Treatment London

Single Tooth

Discover how front teeth implants can be finished quickly, and how we make the teeth and gums look natural.


Missing Back Teeth

Find out very important considerations and options when replacing multiple teeth with Dental Implants.


All Teeth Missing

Explore options to replace a full set of teeth with Dental Implants.

Arrange a Phone Call To Discuss Your Needs

Find out what it will cost and how long it will take you to get a great smile.

Dental Transformations

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Emily – Making a big front tooth look smaller

Emily disliked her smile because the teeth were uneven, one tooth looked bigger than the other, and the bottom teeth were all crooked too. The great news is that we had a perfect solution for her, something that would make her smile look fantastic, something that would require the most minimal upkeep in the future…

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