Okay, so here is the deal


Most people want to improve the look and health of their smiles – these days most people understand that the appearance of themselves (and this includes their smile) is very important socially and professionally.


Every year people are spending more and more on self improvement, and cosmetic dentistry is booming – despite its often large price tag


I have been helping people to improve the look of their smiles for over 10 years now, I have hard drives full to the brim of photos – I just don’t have the time to publish the cases on this website (Which is quite new, by the way – so there may still be some bugs)


Now, its time to help you, and to bribe you, I have taken over £200 off teeth whitening and dental hygiene.


Normally teeth whitening is £360, the dental hygiene session is £60 and a consultation with me is £80. This adds up to £500!


Right now, you can get this for £200. Actually, its a massive £300 off – but I didn’t advertise this, here are the reasons why:


If I tell everyone its £300 off, I will attract people who are just looking for ‘something for nothing’ – this is not what this is about.


Next, £300 off is a massive amount, those people who are actually looking to improve their smiles may actually be put off, because things that seem too good to be true, often are!


Teeth whitening is a professional treatment, and we cannot give it to just anyone. We need to assess to see if you are suitable for it. This is a two stage process – so be prepared to see us more than once!


My hidden agenda here is to show you what is possible to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile – more than just whitening.


There are three area that we can really help you with

  1. Tooth Replacement
  2. Teeth straightening (braces or hidden braces)
  3. Smile design treatment

There are some costs for these treatments that you need to be aware of:



Braces Treatment

£2500 - £4000 or £69 per month

Dental Implant Treatment

Starts at £2000 or £55 per month

Smile Design Treatment

Starts at £800 per tooth or £22 per month

When you speak to a team member on the phone, we will be asking you a whole bunch of questions, and this is to make sure that we can actually help you.

If you are suitable for teeth whitening, then we will make the appointments needed, and collect the payment on the phone – so be sure to have your credit card ready – the fee is £200

You have the option to change your mind whenever you like, just not on the day of your appointment!

If you decide not to have the whitening, thats fine too – just let us know and we will gladly do exactly what you would like us to do.

We look forward to meeting you