With private medicine, there can often be a conflict of interests when it comes to providing treatment choices, and associated treatment fees. Occasionally there are news stories of companies using hard sell techniques to unethically sell cosmetic treatments to the public.

We believe that undertaking cosmetic or any dental work should be your choice, and you should be correctly informed before making that choice. After a full dental examination, we will discuss all the treatment options, and the likely risks and benefits to these options, including the cost.

We will not encourage you to buy on the day by offering discounts, we do not keep sending you emails with sales content: Our fees are fair to begin with and when we decide on the correct treatment for yourself, then you can make the choice if you want to go ahead. We do offer a single 5% discount on large treatments, if the balance is settled up front, this is all.

We find this approach works well for everyone – simple and no pressure dental care

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