Denture for missing teeth are notoriously ill fitting, and look horrible when made on the NHS.

Luckily this does not need to be the case. High quality, cosmetic dentures can be made to be sturdy, and natural looking, so you can throw away the fixative, and go out to enjoy your favourite foods, without worrying that your teeth are going to fall down!

What can be done about loose dentures?

Loose dentures can be made stable in many ways. One of the simplest ways is to put hidden clips on the dentures so that they hold on to your existing teeth. As long as the denture is tight, these clips will securely hold your denture in position.

Rock Solid Dentures

The best thing to hold dentures in, especially if you no longer have your own teeth are precision placed dental implants.

A few dental implants can hold a denture in place so hard that it is often hard to remove the denture! In addition, the denture can be made smaller, and therefore more comfortable to wear.

From dentures to bridges

A bridge is a fixed set of teeth. These days you can have dental bridges placed on implants, and this is the closest thing to having your own teeth back. A few dental implants can hold a bridge in position, and you never need to worry about removing a denture again.

Come and talk to us about this

If you are looking to get a good set of dentures, or implant retained bridge or denture, then you should book a free consultation, where we can discuss these treatments in a little more detail.

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