The Kensington Clinic 1-2-3 Teeth Whitening

A unique and revolutionary teeth whitening system, giving you the best results, with minimum sensitivity

Step 1 – Sparkle Sylc Polish

To remove surface staining from food and drink, we will remove all tarter to show a clean tooth surface. We use Sylc air polish to reduce sensitivity, by blocking the sensitive nerve endings.

We will also supply an anti sensitivity toothpaste to help protect your teeth.

Step 2 – Zoom Advanced Whitening

To kick start the whitening, our 90 minute teeth whitening with an Advanced Zoom laser whitening system will, (on average), get you 8 shades whiter.

Step 3 – Ramped Home Whitening

Using a special combination of whitening agents, we can build on the Zoom whitening, and take the whitening level to a new level – and no sensitivity.

To find out more about this unique system, give us a call and book a free whitening consultation

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