Cost Effective Dental Implant Solutions

Make your budget go further with dental implants from £1995 or just £54 per month with a 24 month 0% Finance Deal. (with a 35% deposit)

  • No compromise on safety
  • No compromise of quality
  • No compromise on service

Standard versus Customised Components

The shape of teeth are very unique, and individual to everyone.

To reflect this, there are many parts of the dental implant and tooth which can be 100% customised.

As you can imagine, having anything designed by an artisan to be 100% customised can increase costs.

The good news is that by using standardised components which are like a “best fit” for most situations, you can have a very good looking and long lasting dental implant retained tooth, and save about £500 per implant tooth.

Multiple Dental Implant Discount

 If you need multiple teeth to be replaced, it often more cost effective to replace more teeth at one sitting.

By having multiple implants at one sitting, we save clinical time, we save materials and save on set up fees – all of these savings are passed straight to you.

This means your cost per implant will be even lower than the fees stated on this website.

Easy Payment Plans

Once we have worked out the best overall treatment for you, lets then concentrate on making this as affordable to you as possible.

Finance Options

You can split the total cost over many months, just like paying for a mobile phone.

There are two 0% Finance options, either split the cost over 12 months and pay no deposit, or pay 35% deposit, and split the rest over 24 month – making your monthly payments even lower.

You can make the monthly payments even lower by splitting the fee over a longer time. You can take advantage of several low interest options and split the cost over 48 months or longer.

Pay as you go

Another popular option is to just pay for the next item on your treatment plan.

So if you are having the implant place, just pay for that.

When you are ready to have the tooth placed on top, just pay for that bit.

The Next Step

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