Dental Implants for people with missing back teethHaving no healthy teeth remaining is an extremely common situation


There are many good reasons¬†for people to end up without any healthy teeth. These often stem from putting everyone else’s needs before your own. Maybe this is your children and their education, or maybe is business and professional. In some unfortunate cases, it stems from previous dental work which has now come to the end of its life.

Lets look at common solutions to help you overcome this problem, and if you feel that one of these suits you, then maybe we can have an in-person conversation to find your best solution.

Are fixed or removable teeth right for you?

The first stage when we are discussing these treatment options is to consider if we want the final teeth to be fixed or removable.

Removable teeth on dental implants are extremely firm, and they will let you eat what you like, with minimal movement.

A big advantage to removable teeth is that the implants are very easy to clean and maintain.

Fixed teeth have other advantages. Being fixed, many people like the idea that they are not removed overnight.

Another advantage is that they can be made much thinner than removable teeth, this means less coverage of the roof of your mouth and more space for your tongue.

Financially, the fixed options are always more expensive than the removable options.

Removable Teeth on Dental Implants

Where a normal denture is designed to fit on your gums (which are soft), an implant retained denture is designed to clip into dental implants (which are solid like teeth).

This means that the denture can be redesigned to be less bulky, less intrusive, and less of a hassle to deal with.

Different materials can also be used to make the denture even less bulky – if this is important to you.

A big advantage of this option is that you are able to individually clean the implant heads.

Sometimes it is possible to modify your own denture so it can be clipped into dental implants. This saves you the additional treatment costs of a new removable denture to be made.

Another option may be to use mini implants to stabilise a denture – perfect if you are looking for the most cost effective solution.

Fixed Teeth Solutions

When we are considering fixed solutions, there are several options to choose from (nothing is simple in dentistry!)

Many people prefer fixed teeth because anything removable can make some people feel old, and lets not forget the whole reason for exploring these kinds of treatments is to feel great about your teeth, smile and health.

The different options relate to the materials used, the comparative strength and the level of aesthetic detail in the final teeth. The final teeth can either be plastic based, composite based or porcelain based, all with different levels of detail.

Ultra High Aesthetic Options

For those who are looking for the most natural looking smile

Ultra high aesthetic upgrades are available if you are looking for the most natural looking end result. You can have imperfections and natural staining built into the teeth and the gums

Teeth In A Day

Teeth in a day is an exciting solution where we can remove all your unhealthy teeth, and place implant, and let you leave the clinic with fixed teeth on your dental implants.

The advantage is that here there is no temporary phase where you need to wear removable dentures.

To ensure safety during this treatment, we plan the treatment digitally, so we know exactly where your dental implants go.

We will arrange for a lab technician to be there on the day, to provide you with your fixed teeth to leave with.

After a suitable healing period, we can provide you with high quality fixed teeth that can have any level of customisation in them.

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