Imagine that you could go to the dentist at 9am, and leave at lunchtime with fixed teeth on implants!

This kind of treatment is often called same day teeth, or immediate implants.

Same day teeth can be done for single implant teeth to a full set of teeth on several implants.

When this technique is carried out correctly, the success rate is very high, and the amount of surgery is kept minimal, as is the time off work.

For most people, the best thing about this technique is that you do not need to wear a temporary dentures while the implants are healing – you will have fixed teeth!

Often there is no added cost to having this type of treatment, however, it is not suitable in every case. We will advise you if this is an option after a complete assessment.

To arrange a free initial consultation fill in the form below, and we will be able to discuss the options available to you.

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