Single teeth implants are very important, especially if they are at the front of the mouth!

Sometimes front teeth can be damaged from being knocked, or sometimes they can become infected or break at the root – this is often devastating!

The good news is that with advances in cosmetic dental implant treatment, we can often provide you with same day dental implant treatment, meaning you leave with a fixed tooth in position.

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The photos above are of Chris, he had a front tooth which had a root canal treatment, and a post, and now (out of the blue), the tooth clicked and became loose – the root had broken and the tooth needed to be removed.

We had a look, and he decided that dental implant treatment would be the best for him. We removed the infected tooth, and placed the dental implant in the same sitting. Because the bone was infected, we had to do a little bone grafting, and this helps to get the gum looking right after treatment.

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After about 6 months from the initial treatment, we put a permanent crown on the dental implant, and needless to say he was very happy with the end result.

Prices for this kind of treatment start from £1800, but as you can imagine, it depends on your exact treatment plan and what is involved to give you an amazing and healthy smile.

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