What makes a tooth look natural?

Dental implants in the “Aesthetic Zone” are the most difficult thing for cosmetic dentists to make look natural

The difficulty is that when you lose the tooth, you will lose bone around the tooth. This leads to a lack of symmetry and changes the way that the new tooth ’emerges’ from the gum.

So in order to make your teeth look as natural as possible, we first need to rebuild the lost bone so that the tooth can emerge from the gum in the most natural way.

Understand what happens when a tooth is removed

When you lose a tooth, you quickly lose the bone that supports the tooth.

This is normally very clear on lower teeth, like the photo on the right (or below, depending on if you are viewing on a mobile device).

For your top teeth it is less obvious to see this without taking a CT Scan.

Less bone limits where the implant can be placed, and more importantly, how your new tooth will emerge from the gum.

The most common problem when replacing front teeth is that the teeth look too long – this is because of a lack of gum volume on the front of the implant.

This lost bone can be replaced with a simple or complex bone graft or soft tissue graft – we can discuss the best options for you at a consultation.

The second photo is after the bone graft in this case. (Don’t worry, the new bone doesn’t come from your hip!)

This is a common problem when the lost bone to the front of the implant is not replaced. The tooth appears longer, and the grey of the dental implant can also show through.

Customising Your Teeth (Because no one is standard)

The connector between your dental implant and the final tooth is called the abutment.

Normal abutments are round, and mass produced.

The problem is that your teeth are individual, like your fingerprint, and if you have a round cross-section of a tooth, it will look strange next to your natural tooth.

To overcome this, we make a special custom-made abutment that will only fit in one position and for one implant, yours.

Custom abutments, made from the right colour material are critical in making your tooth look as natural as possible.

(The more-white ‘stump’ is the customised abutment)

Customising Your Final Crown

Natural teeth are rarely white. (Although this is what many people want when having veneers)

Matching a single front tooth with an implant tooth is extremely tricky, so a skilled lab technician is needed to get the most beautiful crown.

Natural teeth have multiple colours, textures, minor cracks and lines – all of these things need to be replicated in your final smile.

To do this, we always arrange appointments so you can see the lab technician personally to have your crowns custom finished. Only once we are all happy will we fit the crown for you.

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Single Tooth Dental Implants FAQs

Click on the plus icons below to reveal the most common questions asked about tooth loss and Single Tooth Implant treatment.

As you can tell, there is a lot that goes into making dental implants look aesthetically perfect.

Normally the fee is in the range of £4500 – £5500 and a lot depends on how much bone grafting or gum enhancement is needed.

There are plenty of payment options available to spread the cost over a year or more.

We are able to rebuild lost bone. If you have had missing teeth for a long time, and there looks like there has been a lot of bone loss, then this can predictably be replaced using one of our reliable techniques.

Adding bone will often increase your treatment time, the number of visits and cost of treatment.

It is sometimes possible to have your implant placed, bone or gum work and tooth place on the implant in one day.

In other cases, if your treatment needs to be carried out in stages, then it can take several months to achieve your best outcome.

A lot depends on how much bone you have, how its distributed and the state of your current tooth – if there is one.

Yes, most of my clients prefer to split the cost of dental implant treatment with one of our finance options.

The most popular of these are:

0% Finance over 12 months


0% Finance over 24 months, with a 35% deposit

Other options are available and we can discuss these in detail with you.

Dental Implant Fees*

Single Implant and tooth:


or £77 per month with 24 months 0% finance, and deposit of 33%

*All fees are guides, and individual treatment fees will be discussed at your assessment appointment.

12 or 24 months of 0% finance is available

You can spread your payments into small manageable chunks.

A few people that we have helped with Dental Implants

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Single Front Denture Treatment London, Dr Gurs SehmiSingle Front Denture Treatment London, Dr Gurs Sehmi
Single Front Denture Treatment London, Dr Gurs SehmiSingle Front Denture Treatment London, Dr Gurs Sehmi

Just a small selection of people that we have helped

Dental Implants Hereford - Dr Gurs Sehmi Cosmetic Dentist
dental implant treatment, Dr Gurs Sehmi Cosmetic Dentist

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