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Lets look at your options to replace your lost teeth

When you lose a tooth can feel like you are losing a limb. After all, this was a part of you that has now been amputated.

There are a few ways to replace missing teeth, some are fixed and some are removable.

Dental implants are fixed, and have the advantage of being 100% independant of your other teeth.

Lets look at if dental implant treatment is right for you.

Understand what happens when a tooth is removed


When a tooth is removed, there are certain things that happen to the bone, and gum from where the tooth was removed.

These changes happen to everyone and affect different people to different extents.

The great thing about the human body is that it is adaptable, unfortunately, in the case of losing a tooth this means losing bone.

The primary reason for having your jaw bones is to support your teeth, so when you lose teeth, the bone is no longer needed and therefore your body adapts and removes this excess bone.

Different parts of the mouth are affected in different ways, and missing teeth at the front of the mouth are much more challenging than missing teeth at the back – mainly because of the pattern of the bone loss.

It may be that there is still enough bone to place a thin dental implant, but the consequence of losing the bone is that the final tooth may look longer than expected, and you may not have a sufficient safety zone around your dental implants.


Replacing Front Teeth

When Aesthetics Is Critical

Dental implants for the front teeth are the most difficult thing in modern dentistry. Not only does the tooth need to be exactly the right shape, shade and strength, but the shape of the gum and even bone needs to be symmetrical so that your smile doesn’t look uneven.

If you show any gum when you smile, then it is almost always recommended to have some level of regeneration treatment to replace your lost bone – and there are several ways to do this.

This kind of treatment is more artistic than scientific, so be prepared for it to take longer than you initially though, so the results can be long lasting and fantastic looking.

Planning for Perfection

Failure to plan, is planning to fail

There is only one way to get an excellent result every time, and that is to plan for it.

When we replace a front tooth or teeth, we are replacing the teeth, and the gum around the teeth.

Everything needs to look perfect.

To make sure that the implant is in the perfect position, we will plan the ideal position of your implant on specialist 3D planning software.

From this, we will make a 3D printed guide for your implant, helping to get the placement perfect.

It is then possible to rebuild lost gum volume, so that the final result looks as natural as your own teeth.

What if you have lost a lot of bone?

Losing bone after losing the tooth is inevitable – it happens in almost all situations.

To have successful dental implant treatment, the dental implant needs to be surrounded by 1mm of bone all the way around it.

This 1mm of bone is a margin of safety, and although it is possible to place an implant in less bone, it is not recommended.

Some dentists will tell you that it is not possible to increase bone height. This is not true, it is possible to do this, but the techniques used to do this are very delicate and clinically difficult – so not everyone is able to provide these.

What is your ideal solution?


Cost effective solutions

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Ultimate Aesthetic Options

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Single Tooth Dental Implants FAQs

Click on the plus icons below to reveal the most common questions asked about tooth loss and Single Tooth Implant treatment.

Dental Implant treatment does not hurt. Surprisingly!

On the day of treatment, you will be fully numb, and we allow extra time for the anaesthetic to take. This means you will not feel anything during treatment.

Often there is a little soreness after treatment, and you may need mild painkillers, although many people have zero discomfort after their treatment session.

In most situations, there is enough bone to place your dental implants.

We often request a CT Scan of the area, so we can accurately advise you of any bone issues that your should be aware of before we start anything.

There are several techniques available to increase the amount of bone, should this be needed, and we will discuss these with you in detail at the consultation appointments.

The total treatment time can range from 3 months, to a year.

This all depends on individual circumstances, and if there is any bone modification treatment needed.

Most of the time associated with dental implant treatment is healing time, and the number of appointments for treatment is usually quite minimal

Single Tooth Dental Implant Treatment London

Yes, most of my clients prefer to split the cost of dental implant treatment with one of our finance options.

The most popular of these are:

0% Finance over 12 months


0% Finance over 24 months, with a 35% deposit

Dental Implant Fees*

Single Implant and tooth:


or £77 per month with 24 months 0% finance, and deposit of 33%

*All fees are guides, and individual treatment fees will be discussed at your assessment appointment.
Single Tooth Dental Implant Treatment London

12 or 24 months of 0% finance is available

You can spread your payments into small manageable chunks.

A few people that we have helped with Dental Implants

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Single Front Denture Treatment London, Dr Gurs SehmiSingle Front Denture Treatment London, Dr Gurs Sehmi

Just a small selection of people that we have helped

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