What Are Fillers?

A Filler is a water based material, like a gel, which is placed just under the skin, to gently plump up areas, where fat has been lost, due to age.

Where is it commonly used?

Dermal Fillers, like Juvederm can be used to plump up lips, giving more fuller, and plump appearance to them. Your lips can almost be customised to enhance your best features.

When you combine this with teeth whitening, you will soon have a show stopping smile!

Deep Lines

Sometimes, Botox isn’t the best treatment for deeper lines, and wrinkles, and you may need to fill the base of the line with a filler. This is commonly done for the nose to lip lines, and sometimes stress lines in the forehead.

Replacing lost Volume & Enhancing Cheekbones

“Sagging” of the face is often caused by fat loss in the middle of the face, and this causes the skin to loosen.

By adding volume to the mid face, in the cheek bone area, we can ‘lift,’ the whole face, and enhance cheek bones at the same time. This treatment can instantly take years off your appearance, rejuvenate that tired look, and only takes about 45 minutes!

Does it Hurt?

The Dermal Filler used by Dr Sehmi contains some numbing agent, however, he will also apply numbing cream to the area to be treated, as without this, it can be uncomfortable.

The numbing procedure can be explained fully at a free consultation, before any treatment.

How long does it last?

This depends on the area to be treated. In most areas, you can expect it to last up to 9 months, and in areas of high movement, (like the lips), it may last 6 months, or there about.

What Does it Cost?

Treatment fees depend on how much filler is required. The syringe fee is £250, and this will usually have enough to treat the lips (however, some people will have more than one syringe in the lips).

If you are looking at enhancing cheek bones, then 2-3 syringes may be needed to get the results required.

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