What Is DermaRoller?

Dermaroller is a great treatment to improve the texture, tone and “elasticity” of the skin. It is a more long term treatment, compared to Botox or Dermal Fillers, and the effects are more long term, as well.

DermaRoller uses the bodys own ability to regenerate, and make more “elastin,” (The thing that keeps our skin tight).

What Does it Do or Treat?

Dermaroller is great for:

– Acne Scarring

– Sun Damaged Skin

– Stretch Mark reduction

How Does It Work?

DermaRoller is a micro-neelding technique. After placing a numbing gel over the area to be treated, Dr Sehmi will only use a Genuine DermaRoller (Fake ones are readily available, however the genuine one is the only one with fully sterile, and sharp, stainless steel needles), and passes it over the are to be treated.

The needles are very sharp, small (1.2mm), and designed just to get under the skin. This causes a tiny bit of bleeding, which is the key to the whole treatment.

Bleeding causes the elastin, and collegen to reform under the skin, increasing its thickness, and takes years off your appearance.

What Will I Look Like After Treatment?

After treatment, we will give you some creams to wear, and you will look like you have been in the sun for a little while. This appearance normally doesn’t last for more than 24 hours.

There may be a little soreness, and peeling, however, more often than not, you are back to normal after a few hours.

What Does This Treatment Cost?

To get the desired results, a course of about 3 session is usually needed, and maybe a few more if stretch mark reduction is needed. Single treatments are £250, and a set of three can be pre bought at £700. Sometimes it is better to pre treat the skin with special creams, and there will be additional charges for these, but Dr Sehmi will be able to custom build a programme for your treatment.

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