Yellow Tinted Teeth

Most people will have teeth that are slightly yellow. The reason for this is the yellow dentine (which is the bulk of the tooth), shows through the enamel (white part), of the tooth.

The enamel is always thinner at the gum, and this is why teeth look a little yellower at the gum.

Teeth whitening can help to improve the general colour of your teeth, however it is important that you seek a dentist who does a lot of whitening, so that they can advise you on what kind of results you can expect.

To improve the colour of yellow stained teeth, you might want to consider treatments like Teeth Whitening.

Surface Staining

Surface staining is a stain on the surface of the tooth, often caused by diet, for example, things like tea, coffee, red wine, curry can all cause the surface of your teeth to discolour.

Normally this staining is fairly easy to remove by having a hygiene session, with an air polish to remove staining between teeth.

If you are still looking for whiter teeth, then again, consider Teeth Whitening. A sparkle polish is always recommended a few weeks before professional teeth whitening

Internal Staining

If the staining is a far deeper, then chances are teeth whitening alone will not do much.

Deep staining can be caused by several reasons, including:
Certain antibiotic treatment when the tooth was developing
Injury to teeth, disrupting blood supply
Black fillings in back of teeth
Dental decay

Really, the cause of the discolouration needs treating before considering teeth whitening, it may be that you need to consider dental veneer treatment to mask very deep staining.

Dark Teeth

There can be many reasons for individual dark teeth, quite commonly, these teeth have had a knock, or large filling, which has caused the tooth to die, and appear darker.

Many back teeth with large black fillings will look dark, as the mercury based filling shows through the tooth. These teeth can either have the black fillings changed, and possibly have a crown placed on them.