Dental Implant Essentials Option

The entry level treatment to make your denture stay in one place is to place two skinny implants, and your own existing denture to clip into these implants.

2 implant denture

With this option, you can dramatically improve the quality of your life and keep the treatment fees to an absolute minimum. In addition, all the treatment can usually be carried out over 2-3 visits if you choose to keep your old denture.

Treatment fees for this solution start from £2000

Premium Option

If you have a little extra money to spend, then you can upgrade to better solution. By adding two more implants towards the back, the denture will suddenly become a lot more secure. The difference is like rocking a chair on two legs, then sitting it on all four – the chair is much more secure on all four legs!

4 implants denture

With a premium option you can completely eliminate dentures rubbing on your gums, and the amount of food you get stuck under the denture is reduced.

Elite Option

If you are looking for the most cosmetic and long lasting option, then this is for you.

Often, the best option is to place 6-8 implants, this reduces the bite pressure per implant, and makes the whole thing much more secure.


In addition to the security of the implants, the actual teeth are made on a metal skeleton, this means they are stronger, and can be screwed into position. The teeth and gums are made of a very high quality, shock absorbing material and if a tooth ever chips, it can easily be repaired by almost any dentist

This option can sometimes be done in a day! The treatment fees for this start from £15,000 for top or bottom teeth.

Find out what is best for you

The best way to find out what the best kind of treatment for you would be is to arrange a complementary consultation, and have a chat.

If this is something that you are interested in, you can request some more information or arrange a consultation by filling in the form below.

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