Dr Sehmi has a unique style to his dental care, he would much prefer to see a few clients, and do the best he can for them, rather than see many people, and provide average dental care.

Your mouth is unique, and for this reason, Dr Sehmi will spend a lot of time with you, finding out your main concerns, and wants, so that he can provide the best solutions for you, and give you confidence in your smile.

Your (free) Initial Consultation

Choosing your dentist is often tricky, and you often don’t get a chance to “try before you buy.” With Dr Sehmi, things are different, at all his clinics, you will get a chance to meet his treatment coordinator for free, and have a long chat, to see if you like our attitude to dental care, our ethics, and values.

If you are interested in a particular treatment, the treatment coordinator will be able to show you treatment options which Dr Sehmi can provide, and past cases which have been treated. 90% of people looking to improve their smile will book a free consultation to get the ball rolling.

360 Complete Care

Most dentists just fix one problem at a time, Dr Sehmi will look at everything, and explain everything in a lot of detail, and if you know there is a lot to do, don’t worry, we can stage treatment to help you get the smile you want, at a rate that suits you.

Photographic Analysis For Everyone

Photos are the best way to see what is really going on. We take a full set of photos, to help you visualise the issues, and we can modify the photos to help you see what can be done.

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