Your initial examination with us is very important, and it will probably be the most detailed dental examination you have ever had.

We need to assess muscles used in chewing, the health of the joints, and then everything inside the mouth, from abnormal tooth wear issues to acid erosion and jaw relationships.

Included in the examination is a full photographic analysis, and any necessary radiographs (x-rays) needed.

Where as most dentists will treat individual issues when they come up, we look at the whole mouth, and offer a complete dental solution, stabilising your oral health for the long term.

Zero Pressure Dental Care

At the end of your examination, you will understand the health of each one of your teeth, and mouth in general. If there are any issues that you should be aware of, we will explain the issues, and possible solutions. We will not force you into treatment, or deciding on what to do, if you need time to decide then this is fine.

Free Consultations

You can arrange a free initial consultation, where you can get a feel for the clinic, and discuss treatments with our treatment coordinator.

If you want to then arrange a full clinical examination with Dr Gurs Sehmi, we can do this at the time. This appointment takes over an hour, and is chargeable. Depending on what you are looking for, we can arrange the appropriate clinical examination type.

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