Spread the cost of your dental treatment

Your dental treatment can be spread over many months, into small, manageable payments. This lets you choose your most ideal dental plan now, without any financial stress.

12 or 24 months of 0% finance is available

You can spread your payments into small manageable chunks.


Ceramic Braces (top or bottom teeth):

From £2500

Ceramic Braces (top and bottom teeth):

From £3800

Lingual Braces (top or bottom teeth):

From £3500

Lingual Braces (top and bottom teeth):

From £7000

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Dental Implants

Single Implant and tooth:

From £2,500

High aesthetic implant and tooth:

From £4,500

Sinus lifting:

From £1200

Bone Grafting:

From £350

Connective tissue grafting:

From £800

Full set of teeth on Dental Implants (Removable):

From £5,000

Full set of teeth on Dental Implants (Fixed):

From £10,000

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Smile Design

Porcelain Veneer:

£800 – £1200 (for individual custom shade matched veneers)

Composite Veneer:


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*All fees are guides, and individual treatment fees will be discussed at your assessment appointment.

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