We used super thin porcelain veneers to give Carol a more youthful and energetic smile

“Carol works with young children, and they can be brutally honest.

After constantly being asked why her teeth are so uneven, she chose to do take action and it all started with a conversation.”

Treatment Goals for Carol:

  • We created harmonious tooth widths

  • We made the top teeth parallel with the lower lip

  • We chose a natural colour, so it didn't look like she had veneers

More about Smile Design

To improve Carols smile, there were several options, depending on how far we wanted to go with the improvement.

After a detailed consultation, we decided to go ahead with super thin porcelain veneers. These let us align the teeth better and completely redesign the appearance of each tooth, making the whole smile more harmonious, even and pleasing to the eye.

As with all of our smile designs, we trialled out the smile, using a hardwearing plastic material before committing to the high gloss final porcelain veneers that are designed to last.

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