Giving Chris an improved, pain free smile with a Single Tooth Dental Implant

“Chris previously had root canal treatment and a crown on a tooth. Years later it cracked, causing an infection. I removed this tooth and replaced it at the same time with a Dental Implant.”
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dental implant treatment, Dr Gurs Sehmi Cosmetic Dentistdental implant treatment, Dr Gurs Sehmi Cosmetic Dentist

Chris has a front tooth which was damaged in a rugby incident many years ago.

At the time, his dentist had carried out a root filling and placed a new crown on a post – and this lasted many years.

Eventually, the tooth cracked, and it started to feel loose. The gum was also a little swollen which he was concerned about.

Unfortunately, there was not a lot that we could do to save it, so our plan was to remove the broken tooth, and place a dental implant in its position.

Although it is sometime possible to remove the tooth and place the dental implant in the same visit, that was not the best plan for Chris.

We removed the tooth, let the area heal, and placed an implant after 3 months.

In the mean time, we made a temporary bridge that was fixed to the tooth on one side of the gap, so Chris was not without a front tooth.

This process for replacing the front tooth took about 9 months, however the end result was worth it in his opinion.


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