Emily disliked her smile because the teeth were uneven, one tooth looked bigger than the other, and the bottom teeth were all crooked too.

The great news is that we had a perfect solution for her, something that would make her smile look fantastic, something that would require the most minimal upkeep in the future and something within her budget.

  • Minimally Invasive Treatment

  • Short Treatment Time

  • Outstanding Smile

For so many years, Emily hated the way her teeth looked. One tooth was too big, and they just looked uneven.

We helped her to look at all of her options, and we decided that orthodontic, or brace treatment was the right choice for her.

For her top teeth, although one looks bigger, they are actually both the same size.

The one that is in front of the others looks brighter and longer. These are both just illusions caused by the way that light hits the smile. The tooth in front will reflect more light, making it look longer.

To finish the treatment for the top teeth, once the braces had put the teeth in the right place, we used a laser to contour the gums, and make them look symmetrical.

This is very important for people who show gum when they smile.

For the bottom teeth, we first had to make the gums healthy. Health always comes before cosmetics.

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