It was a great night out until I fell over!

“Nicole was enjoying her night out until she slipped and smashed two front teeth”
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How we rebuilt Nicole’s smile

  • The immediate cosmetic problem was fixed by rebuilding the front teeth with a hard plastic material

  • The final veneers were custom matched porcelain veneers from a master ceramist

  • We boosted the brightness of the teeth with high spec teeth whitening before fitting the final veneers

Fixing single front teeth is one of the hardest things to do in cosmetic dentistry.

The challenge is to get the colour match correct – not just in surgery lighting, but in every lighting situation.

The colours in younger teeth are often more complex than older teeth. The neck of the tooth is more yellow, and the tip of the teeth are more translucent – all colours that need to be replicated.

To do this required close work with the dental laboratory, and we had to do something called a custom shade match, which is a way that we ensure the best colour match.

Nicoles Story

This is the extent of the damage to Nicoles Teeth. Luckily none of the nerves in the teeth were damaged.

This is the initial rebuild. The teeth were built up in 20 minutes, using a plastic material.

The final rebuild was made with porcelain veneers, these were colour matched by the ceramist who made final colour adjustments on the day they were fitted, and tested them in place.

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