We provided fixed teeth on stable dental implants

“Jayne was sick of her dentures, and she had had enough of not being able to eat the foods that she wanted”
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How I helped Jayne:

  • 4 dental implants were used to replace all of the upper teeth

  • Jayne chose a fixed solution, so the teeth are not removable

  • After years of struggling, she is now able to eat things like tomato and apples

The closest thing to having your own teeth back is to have teeth fixed to dental implants.

These teeth are firm and strong, and it let Jayne eat foods that she had been avoiding for years – simple stuff like tomatoes!

We did the treatment over time (rather than teeth in a day). So overall it took about 6 months to get to the final result.

We made the teeth cleanable around the implants, and we chose a material that can easily be repaired if part of the teeth chip from normal wear and tear in the long term.

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