Discoloured and Malpositioned teeth were redesigned to a beautiful smile

“Tanya wanted a beautiful smile, but all she saw were mismatched teeth when she looked in the mirror”
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What we did for Tanya:

  • Porcelain Veneer Smile Design to even the colours and make teeth similar sizes

  • We used ceramic braces on the lower teeth to straighten them

  • To make sure the teeth were healthy, we first had to do a few root treatments on them to get rid of infections

Tanya disliked her smile and was also petrified of having any dental treatment carried out.

Initially, we discussed the treatment options, and we settled on a smile design for the top teeth and ceramic braces for the lower teeth.

The problem was that this treatment plan involved using drills and removing teeth – two things that petrified her!

We chose to use sedation to calm her nerves before every appointment.

The discoloured teeth were caused by the nerve dying and staining the teeth from the inside. We carried out root canal treatment on these teeth to help be sure that they would not flare up into an abscess at a later date.

We then designed the smile and finished it in porcelain veneers.

The lower teeth were healthy, just crooked, so we removed a single tooth and used ceramic braces to align all the others to give a beautiful and complete finish to the smile.

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