Jeans had all her bad teeth removed, and fixed implant teeth fitted in one day

“Years of harmful gum disease caused Jean’s teeth to move position, some were longer than others and all were loose. As a result, Jean had no confidence in her smile.

There was no way Jean could wear a removable denture, so I removed all her teeth and replaced them with full mouth Dental Implants.”

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How I helped Jean:

  • Bad teeth removed and implants placed in one day

  • Jean left with fixed teeth in place

  • Jean had a dramatic and instant improvement to her smile and confidence

Dental Implants Hereford - Dr Gurs Sehmi Cosmetic DentistDental Implants Hereford - Dr Gurs Sehmi Cosmetic Dentist
Dental Implants Hereford - Dr Gurs Sehmi Cosmetic Dentist

For Jean, this was a complete life changing treatment. She had known that her teeth were in a bad state for a long time, and it was effecting her life in lots of ways.

Her teeth were restricting the things she could eat, some were loose, others just hurt. She had lots of complex bridges and crowns done many years ago, and these were all coming to the end of their life.

To add to this, Jean was very anxious. She had her own dentist, and coming to see me was a big jump for her – She didn’t know me, there was no trust initially, and I had suggested something completely new for her.

After thinking about it, and looking at all the possible options, she decided to go ahead with the “teeth in a day” style of treatment. This meant that we were planning to remove all the hopeless teeth, place the implants, and then give her customised teeth on the same day, so that she left the surgery with fixed teeth, on the same day.

Another advantage is that she wouldn’t need multiple appointments where anaesthetic is needed. Once the main bit is done, the next appointments rarely need anaesthetic.

On the day of treatment, everything went smoothly, and she left the surgery with fixed upper and lower teeth.

I saw her the next day, for a review, and surprisingly, there was no pain and discomfort (usually there is a little).

I was happy with the way everything was going, and we let it heal and settle.

After 6 months, she chose to upgrade her teeth to porcelain teeth, and this was all done without anaesthetic.

The treatment completely changed her life, she could now eat what she wanted, her grandchildren didn’t keep asking her about her teeth, and she felt a lot better about herself.

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