Ceramic Braces are one of the quickest ways to get a great smile without Veneers

” To move teeth quickly, all you need to do is put a gentle and constant force. This is why ceramic braces are so much better than any removable brace “
More about Lingual Braces

How I helped Laura:

  • Quickest Brace Treatment

  • Discrete and low profile systems

  • Finance options available

Lingual Brace Before and Afters

Laura wanted a great looking smile, and she knew that her current situation was not a million mile from where she wanted to be.

We discussed veneer treatment, and brace treatment.

The great thing about brace treatment is that if the only thing wrong with your smile is the position of the teeth, then braces will solve this. You can keep the texture, character and uniqueness of your own smile, and braces will just tidy it all up.

For Laura, the treatment took about 12 months, however treatment times are normally less than this.

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