We replaced a bad looking and loose denture with fixed dental implants and dramatically improved the appearance and health of the smile

“Roman had lost his front tooth and the denture that his own dentist had made looked absolutely terrible. We replaced the denture with two dental implants and a bridge to totally transform his appearance and confidence”
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What we did for Roman:

  • We used smile design principles to make the smile look harmonious and even

  • We used dental implants to replace missing teeth - to make the replacements strong

  • Carried out enamel recontouring to make the canine tooth look less dominant

Romans Story

After losing some front teeth, Roman did not like the appearance of his smile anymore – and his wife hated it more!

When redesigning a smile, we work from the ground up, making the smile fit the individual, using the lips and existing teeth as a guide.

Because the loose denture was a real bugbear, we chose dental implant to replace the missing teeth. This meant that Roman would not need to keep removing his teeth or have them fall out when eating!

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