Smile Straightened with Braces, then White Spots Removed with Composite Bonding

“To get Charlotte’s smile wedding ready, we needed to align the upper teeth, then remove the white spots.”
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What we did:

  • Ceramic Braces for Upper Teeth

  • Complete Teeth Whitening to Brighten the Whole Smile

  • Minimal Composite Bonding to Mask White Spots

Charlotte wanted a great smile in time for her wedding.

There were two main issues, firstly one tooth was out of place at the front, and she had these white patches on her teeth that were very visible and really affecting her confidence.

This was a big problem as she is naturally a really ‘Smily’ person.

We discussed all the options and decided to straighten her teeth first.

After about 3 months, we looked at options to remove the white spots. We first tried a completely non-invasive treatment that just involved painting something on the teeth, and although this improved it slightly, it was not good enough.

We then skimmed the discoloured part of the teeth away and rebuilt with natural looking composite material for a long lasting and beautiful result.

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