Tipping teeth forward with porcelain veneers

“Sam didn’t like a few things about her smile. All the top teeth were tilted back and they all had different widths. To make matters worse, the teeth looked like they were tilted sideways”
More about Smile Design

Redesigning Sam’s Smile:

  • By bringing Sams teeth forward, we were able to make them look brighter and whiter as they reflected more natural light

  • Smile design allowed the tooth widths to become harmonious

  • By paying attention to facial symmetry, we are able to make the whole smile fit with Sam's as a whole

To improve Sam’s smile, we had to take into account lots of factors.

By starting from the midline, and making this parallel with her facial midline we were able to design the perfect smile that is in harmony with her face and looks right when she smiles.

The next thing was to improve the tooth proportions, we did this by making the visible width of the teeth reduce by a certain proportion (the golden proportion), so everything looks right and there is no one dominant tooth.

To finish off her smile, we chose a rounder tooth shape. Often round teeth look softer and more feminine, and this really suited Sam. We tried these changes out in a trial smile to make sure she loved her smile before committing to the final porcelain veneers.

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