My patient hated her big fang teeth, so we explored options to help her get an amazing smile

“Big and dominant canine (fang) teeth are normally caused by not having enough space for all of your teeth to line up. So in order to get an amazing smile, we need to create room, then put all the teeth in the right place”
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Key steps in the transformation:

  • Removal of key teeth to make room for all of the teeth

  • Use of adult braces (for about 18 months) to straighten and align the teeth

  • Laser gum contouring to align the gum level and tooth contouring to give a natural looking appearance to the lower edge of the teeth

In order to get a great looking smile, three things need to be right:

  1. The position of the teeth
  2. The shapes of the teeth and gums
  3. The colour and texture of the teeth

Normally, natural teeth that don’t have decay or fillings have a nice colour and texture. That was true in this case.

The problem is mainly with the position of the teeth. If that was corrected, the teeth would follow the smile line, they look correctly proportioned, and have amazing natural texture and colour.

To create the space, we removed two side teeth and fitted white braces to the outside surface of the teeth.

It took about 18 months to finish the treatment and to turn an average smile to a fantastic smile, we used a laser to make the gums symmetrical and polished the bottom edges of the teeth level. This makes a massive difference.

There is also a missing tooth (that you cannot see). The long-term plan is to replace this tooth with a dental implant, as soon as she is ready for this.

Smile Improvements

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