Missing Front Teeth

Replacing missing front teeth is very important for appearance, and function. The front teeth help bite off tough foods, and aide in speech.

Technically, replacing front teeth is very tricky, as it can be very challenging to get the right gum shape and appearance, so it takes great skill from the dentist, and the laboratory technician to achieve a great result.

Depending on if you are looking for a permanent fixed solution, or a removable tooth, your main options are:

1. A removable denture (False tooth on a plate, which is removed at night… These can look very good, and can be stable, if done correctly)
2. A fixed bridge, which is a false tooth attached to one or both of the teeth next door
3. A Dental Implant, which is a single false tooth, placed in the bone, just like all your natural teeth

Missing Back Teeth

Back teeth are more important than most people think. They help in chewing, and equally as importantly, they take most of the biting force, when you chew.

If you are missing back teeth, you may not be able to chew as well, and when you do eat, your front teeth will take more load than they are designed to take, and this can lead to increased wear and breakages.

Depending on how many teeth are missing, and the position of these teeth, your options will be similar to single missing teeth, either a removable denture, fixed bridge, or a dental implants

Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you are missing several teeth in a row, then this will affect your ability to eat, and disrupt the equal distribution of biting forces in your jaw.

There are a few ways to replace several missing teeth. Dental Implants are widely regarded to be the best solution. You can either have individual implants placed, and individual teeth on top of the implants, or possibly have two implants, and 3-4 teeth on top, forming a bridge on supporting implants.

When planning this treatment, it is important to consider the long term state of the other teeth, and if other teeth look like they may be lost in the next five years, then where is the best position for implants now? Dr Sehmi carefully plans every case, not just for your immediate problem, but planning for the future as well.

Replacing All Teeth

Sometimes, it may be the case that all teeth are missing, and you have a very loose denture, that looks horrible, or keeps falling down when you eat!

In other cases, you may have several teeth remaining, in poor condition, and these may not last too long. In these cases, its often better to take everything out, and replace all the teeth on 4 dental implants.

In certain circumstances, this can be done in one session, and you can have a smile design in one day!

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