If your teeth need straightening, there are several options for you to consider

Overlapping teeth

The most common reason for overlapping teeth is not enough room. The good news is, there are several great options to straighten teeth.

Sometimes, teeth used to be straight, and over the last few years, they can start to overlap. There may be many reasons for this, teeth will naturally overlap a little over time, this is most common on the bottom teeth.

If your teeth are moving due to an underlying gum problem, then this should be addressed before looking at straightening the teeth. Our in depth clinical assessment will detect any underlying condition that may be causing your teeth to overlap.

Your final decision on the right treatment will depend on what speed of treatment you desire, the final outcome wanted, and the current state of your teeth.


Braces are popular among many patients, especially with clear, ceramic, or near invisible braces. To find out more about braces, see our main Invisible braces page.

With braces, your teeth can be pushed, over a matter of months, back into the position that they were, or where you want them to be.

Smile Design

Smile design treatment can quickly transform your smile, into the kind of smile you have always wanted, almost all in one day as well!

Smile design is treatment involving either crowns, veneers, bridges, or anything else to replace missing teeth, improve the appearance, improve the colour, and making everything look natural and beautiful.

For more information on Smile Design, look at either the Smile Design Page, or Mini Makeovers – Depending on the extent of the improvement you are looking for.

Uneven teeth

Sometimes, the top of bottom edge of your teeth, can make them look uneven, and bring disharmony to your smile.

Rather than grinding tooth away, it is often a much better option to build things up. This can either be done with composite bonding (aesthetic white fillings), or using Porcelain veneers.

Composite is a little more cost effective, and porcelain will last longer, and look more natural.

Uneven Gums

If the gum level is not symmetrical, it can make the rest of the teeth look very uneven.

Uneven gums can be corrected by either tooth movement, with braces, or even Smile Design, and laser use to sculpt the gums into an ideal position.

If you have too much gum showing, then you can either look at gum re contouring, or placement of a tiny bit of Botox in the upper lip, to make the lip lifting muscle a little less active.

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