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Braces could be ideal for you when:

  • You want to smile confidently but your teeth are overlapped or gappy

  • You want to keep the individual character of your smile, just put your teeth in a better position

  • Some teeth look missing in photographs because they are set back

Teeth Straightening Treatment London, Gurs Sehmi Cosmetic Dentist London

12 or 24 months of 0% finance is available

You can spread your payments into small manageable chunks.

Teeth Straightening and Orthodontic Treatment Available

Invisible Braces, Teeth Straightening Treatment, Dr Gurs Semi Cosmetic Dentist London

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces, like Invisalign will align your teeth, letting you have a beautiful and straight smile with minimal effort

Ceramic braces, Dr Gurs Sehmi, London

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are fully tooth coloured, and fixed to the outside surface of the teeth.

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Lingual Braces

Completely hidden braces, placed on the inside of your teeth. As quick as ceramic braces and completely invisible.

Teeth Straightening Transformations

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Adult Braces – Straightened in 12 months

The best way to get an amazing smile "What is the easiest way to achieve a fantastic smile? In this case, we chose to align upper and lower teeth with tooth coloured ceramic braces. " More about Ceramic Braces How we did it: Tipped back teeth were moved upright so they look brighterTeeth the stick…

Using Invisible Braces to Straighten a Smile

We needed to straighten the teeth, but visible braces were not the right option! "The minor imperfections in the teeth were all that was holding James back. Most people said James' teeth were great, but that's, not what he thought" More about Lingual Braces Key aspects about James' Treatment: Because of work, visible braces were…

Emily – Making a big front tooth look smaller

Emily disliked her smile because the teeth were uneven, one tooth looked bigger than the other, and the bottom teeth were all crooked too. The great news is that we had a perfect solution for her, something that would make her smile look fantastic, something that would require the most minimal upkeep in the future…

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