Ceramic Braces are the quickest type of brace to give you a smile that you love

Ceramic braces are the quickest way to align your teeth, and unlike traditional train tracks, these braces are all tooth coloured and very discreet. In fact, someone needs to be pretty close to you to even notice that you have them on.

As this brace is so discreet and as it is usually only used for 6-9 months, it is the natural choice for most of our clients.

Straight Teeth In 6-9 Months

Most adults will only need to use this brace for 6-9 months and will start to see results after 1 month.

By using special Nickle-Titanium wires that have ‘shape memory,’ this type of brace is capable to straighten even the most crooked teeth. In fact, this type of brace is the main type of brace used by orthodontic specialists around the world.

As Dr Gurs Sehmi has so much experience with this kind of treatment, he is often invited to teach other dentists around the world how they can provide this kind of treatment for their patients.

Securing Long-Term Health

The big advantage of brace treatment over other cosmetic procedures such as some porcelain veneer treatment is that this treatment requires minimal tooth adjustment and there is nothing ‘man-made’ attached to your teeth. This means minimal long-term maintenance.

Ceramic braces, Dr Gurs Sehmi, London

Ceramic Brace Fees*

Ceramic Braces – top teeth only:

From £69 per month (£2500 without finance)

Ceramic Braces – top and bottom teeth:

From £97 per month (£3500 without finance)

*All fees are guides, and individual treatment fees will be discussed at your assessment appointment.

Ceramic Braces Before and Afters

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ceramic braces, Dr Gurs Sehmi, Londonceramic bracesDr Gurs Sehmi, London
ceramic bracesDr Gurs Sehmi, Londonceramic bracesDr Gurs Sehmi, London

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Ceramic Brace Transformations

Emily – Making a big front tooth look smaller

Emily disliked her smile because the teeth were uneven, one tooth looked bigger than the other, and the bottom teeth were all crooked too. The great news is that we had a perfect solution for her, something that would make her smile look fantastic, something that would require the most minimal upkeep in the future…