Lingual Braces let you straighten your teeth, without anyone being able to see the brace

The beauty of Lingual Braces is that because they are fitted on the inside surface of your teeth, they are completely hidden from view.


The most advanced lingual brace systems are made very low profile, and smooth – because sometimes there isn’t always lots of room in there!

This brace is 100% custom made in Germany, and each tooth position is set manually. The Lingual system that we use is widely considered to be the most advanced system available.

Lingual braces are one of the quickest way to move teeth, meaning that your treatment time will be as short as possible with this treatment.

Lingual Braces, Dr Gurs Sehmi, Cosmetic Dentist, London
Lingual Braces, Dr Gurs Sehmi, Cosmetic Dentist, London

Lingual Braces Before and Afters

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Lingual Braces Fees*

Your ideal smile is now more affordable than ever

Lingual Braces – top teeth only:

From £3500 (about £97 per month with 35% deposit)

Lingual Braces – top and bottom teeth:

From £6500 (about £180 per month with 35% deposit)

*All fees are guides, and individual treatment fees will be discussed at your assessment appointment.

Lingual Braces Transformations

Adult Braces – Straightened in 12 months

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Using Invisible Braces to Straighten a Smile

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Emily – Making a big front tooth look smaller

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