Perfect Smiles in Six Months

What if you could straighten your teeth, to have a perfect smile? Would you feel more confident? Would you feel like you need to cover your mouth every time someone says something funny?

Having straight teeth is much more than just vanity, it lets you be who you actually are. Almost all of our patients say they feel so much more confident after having their teeth straightened, and in most cases, this takes as little as six months. Six months goes in a blink of the eye these days!

The cost of your treatment is dependent on how much treatment is needed. Most dental clinics will have similar fees, at the clinics where I work, we offer flexible payments, so you can pay over many months, up to 48 months!

This means you can start treatment ASAP, and get your confidence back in a matter of months.

The most common comment we hear after treatment is “I wish I had done it before! I don’t know what I was waiting for!” The sooner you have your teeth straightened, the sooner you can feel great about smiling!

If you are ready to start your self improvement, get in touch either by phone, or fill out the form below, and arrange a free initial consultation to see what is possible!

What Baldeep thought after having teeth straightening at The Kensington Clinic with Dr Gurs Sehmi

Photos of people treated in around 6 months

Find out more

If you would like to find out more, and see if you can get a free consultation, just call your preferred clinic location, or pop your information in the form below, and we can arrange everything for you.

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