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Using Invisible Braces to Straighten a Smile

We needed to straighten the teeth, but visible braces were not the right option! "The minor imperfections in the teeth were all that was holding James back. Most people said James' teeth were great, but that's, not what he thought" More about Lingual Braces Key aspects about James' Treatment: Because of work, visible braces were…

Fixing Broken Teeth With Porcelain Veneers

Nicole smashed two front teeth, and we rebuilt them quickly to give the appearance of a normal smile. Then we changed this to porcelain teeth to give the final colour depth to the smile and make it beautiful again

Emily – Making a big front tooth look smaller

Emily disliked her smile because the teeth were uneven, one tooth looked bigger than the other, and the bottom teeth were all crooked too. The great news is that we had a perfect solution for her, something that would make her smile look fantastic, something that would require the most minimal upkeep in the future…